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CodeSystem: Identity Assurance Level Code System

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Draft as of 2023-07-06 Computable Name: IdentityAssuranceLevelCodeSystem

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Code representing identity assurance level, based on NIST 800-63-3


This code system defines levels of identity assurance, based on NIST 800-63-3.

These codes may be used by Issuers of SMART Health Cards to record if/how a patient’s identity was verified at the point of care. For example, if a patient showed their driver’s license to verify their name and date of birth when getting a vaccination, this would correspond to IAL1.4.

Note: For IAL1.4, in the US, “government-issued photo ID” may include IDs such as a US state-issued driver’s license, a US nationally-issued ID like a US passport, or a foreign passport.

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Code Description(s)
IAL1 Name and birth date were self-asserted.
IAL1.2 An unspecified ID was used to verify name and birth date.
IAL1.4 A US state-issued photo ID or nationally-issued photo ID was used to verify name and birth date.
IAL2 Either remote or in-person identity proofing is required. IAL2 requires identifying attributes to have been verified in person or remotely using, at a minimum, the procedures given in NIST Special Publication 800-63A.
IAL3 In-person identity proofing is required. Identifying attributes must be verified by an authorized CSP representative through examination of physical documentation as described in NIST Special Publication 800-63A.