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ValueSet: Immunization / All / ICD-11

Official URL: Version: 2023-01
Draft as of 2023-07-06 Computable Name: ImmunizationAllIcd11ValueSet

Copyright/Legal: International Classification of Diseases, Eleventh Revision (ICD-11), World Health Organization (WHO) 2019/2021. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 3.0 IGO license (CC BY-ND 3.0 IGO).

Contains ICD-11 MMS codes from the 2023-01 release that are descendants of the Foundation element 164949870 (“Vaccines”) according to the ICD API. Generated on 2023-06-23.


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Logical Definition (CLD)

The following codes from the code system are included:

Code Description(s)
XM3KV2 Bacterial vaccines
XM29K4 Cholera vaccines
XM3Z26 Cholera, inactivated, whole cell vaccines
XM72A0 Cholera, live attenuated vaccines
XM1FT6 Cholera, combinations with typhoid vaccine, inactivated, whole cell vaccines
XM11V3 Haemophilus influenzae B vaccines
XM6RG9 Hib, purified antigen conjugated vaccines
XM7F70 Hib, combinations with toxoids vaccines
XM81F7 Hib, combinations with pertussis and toxoids vaccines
XM0X86 Hib, combinations with meningococcus C, conjugated vaccines
XM2WV4 Meningococcal vaccines
XM92B2 Meningococcal monovalent purified polysaccharides antigen vaccines
XM5LC2 Meningococcal polyvalent purified polysaccharides antigen vaccines
XM3T39 Meningococcus A, C, bivalent purified polysaccharides antigen vaccines
XM2AR0 Meningococcus A, C, Y, W-135, tetravalent purified polysaccharides antigen vaccines
XM2EH7 Meningococcus A, C, Y, W-135, tetravalent purified polysaccharides antigen conjugated vaccines
XM18Y8 Meningococcus C, purified polysaccharides antigen conjugated vaccines
XM2280 Meningococcus A, purified polysaccharides antigen conjugated vaccines
XM9GJ1 Meningococcus B, outer membrane vesicle vaccines
XM1X81 Meningococcus B, multicomponent vaccines
XM37L5 Meningococcus A, purified polysaccharides antigen vaccines
XM43M9 Pertussis vaccines
XM45L8 Pertussis, inactivated, whole cell vaccines
XM62J1 Pertussis, purified antigen vaccines
XM2TK2 Pertussis, inactivated, whole cell, combinations with toxoids vaccines
XM4082 Pertussis, purified antigen, combinations with toxoids vaccines
XM2CV8 Vaccines pertussis with diphtheria
XM9EM7 Pneumococcal vaccines
XM9G97 Pneumococcal conjugate (13-valent) vaccines
XM2249 Pneumococcal polysaccharide 23-valent vaccines
XM91D7 Pneumococcus, purified polysaccharides antigen vaccines
XM96S7 Pneumococcus, purified polysaccharides antigen conjugated vaccines
XM4R39 Pneumococcus purified polysaccharides antigen and Haemophilus influenzae, conjugated vaccines
XM5L44 Tetanus vaccines
XM29H5 Tetanus toxoid vaccines
XM1G86 Tetanus toxoid, combinations with diphtheria toxoid vaccines
XM9AK2 Tetanus toxoid, combinations with tetanus immunoglobulin vaccines
XM31Q8 Tetanus, diphtheria, acellular pertussis vaccines
XM1PB8 Triple vaccines DPT
XM9ZL9 Pertussis vaccines (with diphtheria toxoid) (with tetanus toxoid)
XM9YH9 Diphtheria toxoid with tetanus toxoid with pertussis component vaccines
XM32Q5 Tetanus and diphtheria vaccines
XM4039 Vaccines diphtheria with tetanus
XM8XH5 Tetanus toxoid or vaccines toxoid with diphtheria toxoid
XM8BU8 Typhoid vaccines
XM33K4 Typhoid, oral, live attenuated vaccines
XM89G3 Typhoid, inactivated, whole cell vaccines
XM3SF6 Typhoid, purified polysaccharide antigen vaccines
XM9UB1 Typhoid-paratyphoid vaccines
XM3VD2 Vaccines TAB
XM95H3 Paratyphoid vaccines
XM8ZX8 Plague vaccines
XM3796 Plague, inactivated, whole cell vaccines
XM9SW5 Vaccines bacterial with other bacterial component
XM91J8 Vaccines rickettsial
XM3JJ2 Typhus (exanthematicus) vaccines
XM2NU8 Typhus exanthematicus, inactivated, whole cell vaccines
XM4F19 Vaccines rickettsial with bacterial component
XM0E84 Rocky Mountain spotted fever vaccines
XM5926 Vaccines bacterial mixed, not elsewhere classified
XM8NU9 Anthrax vaccines
XM2C05 Anthrax antigen vaccines
XM7PB3 Brucellosis vaccines
XM7RX8 Brucella antigen vaccines
XM8AW3 Diphtheria vaccines
XM86V7 Diphtheria toxoid vaccines
XM46V1 Diphtheria vaccines combination including pertussis
XM39K8 Diphtheria vaccines combination without pertussis
XM8YP9 Diphtheria vaccines combination
XM4639 Tuberculosis vaccines
XM8142 Tuberculosis, live attenuated vaccines
XM61M7 Viral vaccines
XM68M6 COVID-19 vaccines
XM1NL1 COVID-19 vaccines, inactivated virus
XM7HT3 CoronaVac®
XM1G90 Covaxin
XM85P5 Covi-Vac
XM9FQ7 Hayat-Vax
XM97N6 QazVac
XM2YG8 COVIran Barakat
XM0K39 Covidful
XM1AU2 Sinopharm WIBP-CorV
XM5DF6 COVID-19 vaccines, live attenuated virus
XM9QW8 COVID-19 vaccines, non-replicating viral vector
XM4YL8 COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca
XM97T2 Covishield®
XM6QV1 COVID-19 Vaccine Janssen
XM1AG7 Convidecia
XM5ZJ4 Gam-Covid-Vac
XM5QM6 Sputnik-Light
XM0CX4 COVID-19 vaccines, replicating viral vector
XM5JC5 COVID-19 vaccines, virus protein subunit
XM3CT4 Recombinant SARS-CoV-2 vaccines
XM3PG0 Soberana-02
XM6SZ8 EpiVacCorona
XM0RV9 Soberana Plus
XM3SK8 EpiVacCorona-N
XM9P21 SpikoGen
XM9T65 Novavax COVID-19 vaccines
XM1J92 COVID-19 vaccines, virus like particle
XM6AT1 COVID-19 vaccines, DNA based
XM52P3 ZyCov-D
XM0GQ8 COVID-19 vaccines, RNA based
XM8NQ0 Comirnaty®
XM3DT5 COVID-19 Vaccine Moderna
XM38G7 Dengue vaccines
XM7P50 Ebola vaccines
XM0RC1 Encephalitis vaccines
XM8MP6 Encephalitis, tick borne, inactivated, whole virus
XM0LB5 Encephalitis, Japanese, inactivated, whole virus
XM47S0 Encephalitis, Japanese, live attenuated
XM1LR5 Influenza vaccines
XM8857 Influenza vaccines, inactivated, whole virus
XM5V64 Influenza vaccines, live attenuated
XM8MP2 Influenza vaccines, inactivated, split virus or surface antigen
XM9E16 Influenza vaccines, virus like particle
XM33X8 Influenza, purified antigen
XM6LL6 Hepatitis vaccines
XM9V38 Hepatitis B, purified antigen
XM2A12 Hepatitis A, inactivated, whole virus
XM03Y7 Combinations hepatitis vaccines
XM28X5 Measles vaccines
XM8L15 Measles, live attenuated
XM9439 Measles, combinations with mumps, live attenuated
XM8TF3 Measles, combinations with mumps and rubella, live attenuated
XM21H2 Measles, combinations with rubella, live attenuated
XM4AJ8 Measles, combinations with mumps, rubella and varicella, live attenuated
XM1131 Mumps vaccines
XM2340 Mumps, live attenuated
XM0N50 Poliomyelitis vaccines
XM4KG4 Orimune
XM1Y59 Vaccine sabin oral
XM2KH7 Diplovax
XM0VX8 Poliomyelitis oral, monovalent live attenuated
XM0KZ1 Poliomyelitis oral, trivalent, live attenuated
XM79H3 Poliomyelitis oral, bivalent, live attenuated
XM5V19 Poliomyelitis, trivalent, inactivated, whole virus
XM1CE0 Rotavirus diarrhoea vaccines
XM4GV0 Rota virus, live attenuated
XM4VG1 Rota virus, pentavalent, live, reassorted
XM7PP1 Rubella vaccines
XM9PS9 Rubella, live attenuated
XM3B09 Rubella, combinations with mumps, live attenuated
XM8DG3 Varicella zoster vaccines
XM0NS8 Varicella, live attenuated
XM1SS1 Zoster, live attenuated
XM9QP0 Papillomavirus vaccines
XM1821 Papillomavirus (human types 6,11,16,18)
XM9BT4 Papillomavirus (human types 16,18)
XM5CE9 Papillomavirus (human types 6,11,16,18,31,33,45,52,58)
XM95R0 Smallpox vaccine
XM6T09 Rabies vaccines
XM7BE8 Rabies, inactivated, whole virus
XM02Y0 Respiratory syncytial virus vaccines
XM69P6 Synagis
XM0N24 Yellow fever vaccines
XM3418 Yellow fever, live attenuated
XM7C66 Bacterial and viral vaccines, combined
XM8AW1 Diphtheria, poliomyelitis, tetanus vaccines
XM09Q7 Diphtheria, pertussis, poliomyelitis, tetanus vaccines
XM9744 Diphtheria, rubella, tetanus vaccines
XM41N3 Diphtheria, hepatitis B, pertussis, tetanus vaccines
XM1LX9 Diphtheria, hemophilus influenzae B, pertussis, poliomyelitis, tetanus vaccines
XM3G68 Diphtheria, hepatitis B, tetanus vaccines
XM32L7 Hemophilus influenzae B and hepatitis B vaccines
XM3JA6 Typhoid, hepatitis A vaccines
XM7JP3 Diphtheria, hemophilus influenzae B, pertussis, tetanus, hepatitis B vaccines
XM0LT9 Diphtheria, pertussis, poliomyelitis, tetanus, hepatitis B vaccines
XM5XP9 Diphtheria, hemophilus influenzae B, pertussis, tetanus-hepatitis B, meningococcus A + C vaccines
XM21E6 Diphtheria tetanus, acellular pertussis, inactivated polio virus, haemophilus Influenzae type B vaccines
XM84S1 Diphtheria, hepatitis B, tetanus, acellular pertussis, inactivated polio virus, haemophilus Influenzae type B vaccines
XM9JP8 Diphtheria, tetanus, acellular pertussis, inactivated polio virus vaccines
XM01H1 Hemophilus influenzae B and poliomyelitis vaccines



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